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A SUGGESTION, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: I send, transmit, consign, convey
Last Line: "I wish you ""merry christmas."
Subject(s): Christmas; Expressionism - Poets; Letters; Postal Service; Nativity, The; Postmen; Post Office; Mail; Mailmen

(Hint, Idea, Conception, Thought, Plan for a Christmas Yuletide, Holiday Card,
Missive, Note, Epistle. With the aid, succor, assistance, help and co-operation
of Roget's Thesaurus.)

I send, transmit, consign, convey,
Mail, post, address to you
This poem, stanza, carol, lay,
Which herewith you may view,
See, look at, glimpse, peruse and con
And thus perhaps you'll find,
Learn, guess, discover, come upon
Just what I have in mind.

This cerebration, concept, thought
Is really very clear,
Plain, obvious, distinctly wrought
And thus it will appear,
Be manifest, made evident
What this is all about,
And with what purpose, plan, intent
This card is going out.

It offers, tenders, helps express
Love, friendship, admiration,
Regard, affection, tenderness,
Fervor and adulation.
Oh, were it not for smallness of
This card, it might be hinted
I'd send more synonyms for Love
Than Roget ever printed.

So if you dwell, live, stay, abide
On isle, peak, plain or isthmus,
I greet, salute you, and beside
I wish you "Merry Christmas."

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