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APOSTASY, by                 Poet's Biography
First Line: I've run around lately with folk intellectual
Last Line: Just like my own!
Subject(s): Reason; Intellect; Rationalism; Brain; Mind; Intellectuals

I've run around lately with folk intellectual,
Minds that are flashing
And clashing
In strife.
Making me feel like a worm ineffectual
Only much slower
And lower
In life.
In such a rarefied air I've been terrified
Reft of opinion
A minion so small,
That -- it's not risible -- I am not visible
Under the eyebrows
Of highbrows
At all.
So I am homesick for lowbrows
Or no-brows
Average people of standard design.
Down with supernal minds
Mix me with vernal minds
Ladies Home Journal minds
Something like mine.

I am exhausted by flights conversational
Wearied by phrases
Like blazes of fire,
Take me away from these tests cerebrational
My brain is spinning,
To tire;
Perish such vertigo; back I prefer to go
With those who shine not
And pine not
A jot.
Dull, unsulphitic folk, non-analytic folk
Minds of the kind that
I find that
I've got.

Yea, I am joyously spurning
All learning,
Gaily forsaking the heights I've been shown;
Farewell to super minds,
Come, let us group our minds,
We who are frankly bromidic in tone;
All us stagnating folk,
Non-coruscating folk
Talking of commonplace things we have known,
Give me beknighted minds,
Harold Bell righted minds,
Sluggish and static minds,
Calm and phlegmatic minds,
Unacrobatic minds
Just like my own!

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