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First Line: Er - dear, and all that sort of rot
Last Line: In jolly bliss. Eh, what?
Subject(s): Melancholy; Dejection

Er—Dear, and all that sort of rot,
I'm fairly hipped about you.
I mean to say that though I've got
Along, so far, without you,
You've bowled me over, knocked me flat,
The good old heart is skipping.
In fact I think you'll gather that
I think you're simply ripping!

Your form, your eyes, your lips, your hair
Are—er—top hole. Yes, quite so.
I mean to say you have an air
That's bally well all right; so
If you should care for me, old thing,
I'd chuck the melancholy,
And like some silly bird I'd sing
And be distinctly jolly.

What say? Let's toddle up the aisle
And face the good old altar.
I'm somewhat on the faithful style
That doesn't funk or falter.
I have the oof to pay the rent
For some—er—sylvan cot;
Right ho? Good Egg. We'll be content
In jolly bliss. Eh, what?

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