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First Line: Drive a ford or a packard six
Last Line: "a load of stone has the right of way."
Subject(s): Automobiles; Cities; Driving & Drivers; Roads; Traffic; Cars; Urban Life; Paths; Trails

Drive a Ford or a Packard Six,
Rolls-Royce, Paige or a Cadillac,
It matters not on which you fix
Your heart's desire when you pay your jack;
This fact remains, when you hit the track
With touring model, sedan, coupé,
From here to any old place and back,
A load of stone has the Right of Way.

You may know all of the fancy tricks,
You may be blessed with a special knack
Of wriggling through in a traffic mix,
But don't forget that a nasty crack
Awakes the guy in a pleasure-hack
Who gets too fresh with a loaded dray,
He'll sit in the ruins and sigh "Alack,
A load of stone has the Right of Way!"

In the city or "out in the sticks"
The laws are written in white and black,
But regulations are simply nix
When a truck has a load of stone to pack.
Its back-fire sounds like a bomb attack
And if with the driver you dare get gay
Your car'll resemble smashed bric-a-brac,
A load of stone has the Right of Way.


Avoid that kind of an ugly whack
Or you will certainly rue the day
And moan, while standing mid wreck and wrack,
"A load of stone has the right of way."

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