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THE ANGRY ONES, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: They are the smashers of harsh traditions
Last Line: A thunderbolt from the hand of god!
Subject(s): Anger; Fights

("When we were angry, and young and happy." CHESTERTON)

They are the smashers of harsh traditions,
They are the breakers of idols vain,
The angry men with a raging mission,
With furious heart and with seething brain.
For their souls are thrilled with a splendid ire
At Mammon throned and at Man cast down,
And their eyes are baleful with angry fire
And they wear their rage as a flaming crown!

They cannot view with a calm quiescent
The sight of ancient established wrongs,
They fight with a wrath that is incandescent,
And march to the battle with angry songs!
They do not hate in a half-way fashion
The mercenaries of craft and greed,
But wield their weapons in righteous passion—
Crusaders come of a fighting breed.

Oh, it is a clean white rage which quickens
The struggle upward to better things,
They are joyously mad when the conflict thickens,
Their anger giveth their spirit wings;
Theirs is the wrath that at last shall leaven
The soul of man till it breaks the clod,
A glorious fury straight from heaven,
A thunderbolt from the hand of God!

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