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First Line: Far away is the land of rest
Last Line: You shall win the land of rest
Alternate Author Name(s): Bell, Ellis
Subject(s): Heaven; Paradise

Far away is the land of rest
Thousand miles are stretched between
Many a mountain's stormy crest
Many a desert void of green

Wasted worn is the traveller
Dark his heart and dim his eye
Without hope or comforter
Faltering faint and ready to die

Often he looks to the ruthless sky
Often he looks o'er his dreary road
Often he wishes down to lie
And render up life's tiresome load

But yet faint not mournful man
Leagues on leagues are left behind
Since your sunless course began
Then go on to toil resigned

If you still despair control
Hush its whispers in your breas[t]
You shall reach the final goal
You shall win the land of rest

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