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First Line: Thou standest in the greenwood now
Last Line: My moon of life must die' --
Alternate Author Name(s): Bell, Ellis

'Thou standest in the greenwood now
The place, the hour, the same --
And here the fresh leaves gleam and glow
And there, down in the lake below
The tiny ripples flame --

'The breeze sings like a summer breeze
Should sing in summer skies
And tower-like rocks and tent-like trees
In mingled glory rise.

'But where is he today, today?'
'O question not with me' --
'I will not, Lady, only say
Where may thy lover be?

'Is he upon some distant shore?
Or is he on the sea?
Or is the heart thou dost adore,
A faithless heart to thee?"

'The heart I love, whate'er betide,
Is faithful as the grave
And neither foreign lands divide
Nor yet the rolling wave.'

'Then why should sorrow cloud that brow,
And tears those eyes bedim?
Reply this once, is it that thou
Hast faithless been to him?'

'I gazed upon the cloudless moon
And loved her all the night
Till morning came and ardent noon
The I forgot her light --

'No -- not forgot, eternally
Remains its memory dear;
But could the day seem dark to me
Because the night was fair?

'I well may mourn that only one
Can light my future sky
Even though by such a radiant sun
My moon of life must die' --

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