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JESUS WEPT, by            
First Line: At eve he rested there amidst the grass
Last Line: And was consoled — then to his shelter crept.
Subject(s): Consolation; Courts & Courtiers; Fate; Jesus Christ; Royal Court Life; Royalty; Kings; Queens; Destiny

AT eve He rested there amidst the grass,
And as the stars shone out He dreamed of God,
His destiny, the kingdom all of glass
And gold; He watched the reapers homeward plod;
Became aware of strength for holy deeds
Astir within Him; turned His eyes to where
The Great Sea rolled — a sight that ever breeds
A hunger for deep powers; felt that there
A symbol was of His far-spreading mind,
His restless strong desire, and marked perchance
The tiny specks of moving sail; divined
Of time and space the secret circumstance,
And when His gaze was wearied, softly wept
And was consoled — then to His shelter crept.

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