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STANZAS FOR MUSIC, by                
First Line: When thou at eventide art roaming
Last Line: I think of thee!

When thou at eventide art roaming
Along the elm-o'ershaded walk,
Where, past, the eddying stream is foaming
Beneath its tiny cataract,
Where I with thee was wont to talk, --
Think then upon the days gone by,
And heave a sigh!

When sails the moon above the mountains,
And cloudless skies are purely blue,
And sparkle in the light the fountains,
And darker frowns the lonely yew, --
Then be thou melancholy too,
When musing on the hours I prov'd
With thee, belov'd!

When wakes the dawn upon thy dwelling,
And lingering shadows disappear,
And soft the woodland songs are swelling
A choral anthem on thine ear, --
Think -- for that hour to thought is dear!
And then her flight remembrance wings
To by-past things.

To me, through every season, dearest,
In every scene -- by day, by night,
Thou present to my mind appearest
A quenchless star -- for ever bright!
My solitary, sole delight!
Alone -- in grove -- by shore -- at sea,
I think of thee!

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