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LULLABY, by            
First Line: Now that night has turned to jet
Last Line: That eternally will pass.
Subject(s): Night; Sleep; Bedtime

Now that night has turned to jet,
and the silent fleeting hours
cover you with starry flowers,
lay your head upon the pillow
without waiting for regret.

Listen to the singing willow
knocking at your little ears,
come to charm away the fears;
Lure them out to China's sea,
Leave them there to rock and billow.

Whisper your calamity
to the kitten at your feet;
pull your head under the sheet,
where the dragon hid the moon,
and wait breathlessly for me.

If you wish me to come soon,
leave a penitent caress
in the swishing of your dress;
if you wish another wish
serve it with a golden spoon.

Mount on the enchanted fish;
come, explore the sea of heaven;
it is greater than all seven,
and a glory without measure;
it is God's surprising dish.

Night is spilling all her treasure
in the basin of your head,
and your tidy little bed,
under petals of her sleep,
is a universe of pleasure.

Then your slumber will be deep,
and your hands will touch the water,
that Eve's daughter and her daughter
spilled to fecundate the grass
for the countless little sheep,
that eternally will pass.

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