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First Line: Haro! Haro! / judge now betwixt this woman and me
Last Line: King!
Variant Title(s): Haro
Subject(s): Love - Complaints

HARO! Haro!
Judge now betwixt this woman and me,
She leaves me bond, who found me free.
Of love and hope she hath drained me dry --
Yea, barren as a drought-struck sky;
She hath not left me tears for weeping,
Nor will my eyelids close in sleeping.
I have gathered all my life's-blood up --
She hath drunk and thrown aside the cup.

Shall she not give me back my days?
I made them perfect for her praise.
There was no flower in all the brake
I found not fairer for her sake;
There was no sweet thought I did not fashion
For aid and servant to my passion.
Labor and learning worthless were,
Save that I made them gifts for her.

Shall she not give me back my nights?
Give me sweet sleep for brief delights?
Lo, in the night's wan mid I lie,
And ghosts of hours that are dead go by, --
Hours of a love that died unshriven;
Of a love in change for my manhood given.
She caressed and slew my soul's white truth,
Shall she not give me back my youth?

Haro! Haro!
Tell thou me not of a greater judge,
It is He who hath my sin in grudge.
Yea, from God I appeal to thee;
God hath not part or place for me.
Thou who hast sinned, judge thou my sinning:
I have staked my life for a woman's winning;
She hath stripped me of all save remembering --
Right thou me, right thou me, Harold the

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