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THE MEETING, by            
First Line: She was a blossoming slip of english may
Last Line: "he holds her fast -- ""my rose! My little rose...."
Subject(s): Women - Employment; World War I; Professional Women; Women In Business; Women's Careers; First World War

She was a blossoming slip of English May,
All white and rosy, when he went away,
Her soldier who is coming back today --
The girl whose beauty in that hell afar
Lighted his homesick dreamings like a star.
The front is not where all the battles are.
In the munition works, it came her turn
To take a place among the fumes that burn
Roses and white alike to yellow clay.
She went without complaint -- only the tears
Fell softly for the long unlovely years
Over the flush he would not see again.
And now she waits in anguish for the train,
For though his love upon a rock be set
She knows that she will see -- and not forget --
The pitiful horror of his first surprise.
He, wounded, weary, seeking healing joy
And finding ... this. And now she sees her boy
Far down the platform -- coming -- but how slowly --
And now her fears, herself, forgotten wholly
She runs, she clings to him. Those darkened eyes
See nothing but the pictures memory shows.
He holds her fast -- "My rose! my little rose...."

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