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First Line: The skies that loom o'er jersey
Last Line: That do not lovers know!
Subject(s): New Jersey; Sky

The skies that loom o'er Jersey
Are like skies everywhere,
Now dun with mist, now heavenly bright
With dawns and sunsets fair;
Along the hills a glory spills,
When stars throb through the air.

The changeful skies of Jersey!
Each fresh to-morrow brings
Sweet subtleties of hue and hue,
With gold and purple things
In moving shapes of beasts and capes
And birds with fiery wings.

But, O, the skies of Jersey
Mean more, far more to me!
They hover o'er a wilding wood
Where grows the red bark tree,
Where lovers walk for tender talk
In May's soft magicry.

And 'tis my faith, in Jersey
The skies that brighten so
Where lovers whisper sacred words
As down wood-aisles they go,
Show starrier eyes than other skies
That do not lovers know!

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