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AUTUMN WIND, by                
First Line: Break, o wind! / break against the trees
Last Line: Kick up your heels and run away!
Subject(s): Autumn; Dust; Seasons; Weather; Wind; Fall

Break, O wind!
Break against the trees,
Trample upon them,
Bend them, break them down.
Send their leaves scattering to the ground.
Whirl up the dead, dry leaves
And laughing, cast them down again.
Toss them, kick them, dash them against the curbs!
O wind. . . . O wind. . . .
Chase the clouds,
Drive them from the endless blue,
Smite them with your force,
Lash them as dogs,
Push them off the face of the earth!
Wind! Wind!
Throw up clouds of dust,
Blow them into the habitations of man,
Cast dust into men's teeth,
Then with a loud guffaw,
Kick up your heels and run away!

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