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First Line: Her rosy cheeks, her ever smiling eyes
Last Line: Are only greedy of reward.
Subject(s): Beauty; Love Unrequited

HER rosy cheeks, her ever-smiling eyes,
Are spheres and beds where Love in triumph lies:
Her rubine lips, when they their pearl unlock,
Make them seem as they did rise
All out of one smooth coral rock.
O that of other creatures' store I knew
More worthy and more rare!
For these are old, and she so new,
That her to them none should compare

O could she love! would she but hear a friend!
Or that she only knew what sighs pretend!
Her looks inflame, yet cold as ice is she.
Do or speak, all's to one end,
For what she is that will she be.
Yet will I never cease her praise to sing.
Though she gives no regard:
For they that grace a worthless thing
Are only greedy of reward.

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