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THE LORDS' MASQUE: ENTHEUS AND PROMETHEUS, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Patron of mankind, powerful and bounteous
Last Line: While we admire prometheus' dancing lights.

Enth. Patron of mankind, powerful and bounteous,
Rich in thy flames, reverend Prometheus,
In Hymen's place aid us to solemnise
These royal nuptials; fill the lookers' eyes
With admiration of thy fire and light,
And from thy hand let wonders flow to-night.
Prom. Entheus and Orpheus, names both dear to me,
In equal balance I your third will be
In this night's honour. View these heaven-born stars,
Who by my stealth are become sublunars;
How well their native beauties fit this place,
Which with a choral dance they first shall grace;
Then shall their forms to human figures turn,
And these bright fires within their bosoms burn.
Orpheus, apply thy music, for it well
Helps to induce a courtly miracle.
Orp. Sound, best of musics, raise yet higher our sprites,
While we admire Prometheus' dancing lights.

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