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First Line: I said: / I shall write poignant bitter words
Last Line: But then -- this is living!
Subject(s): Human Behavior; Conduct Of Life; Human Nature

I said:
I shall write poignant bitter words
Voicing a brittle humor;
Wings are grown only to be clipped,
Are not broken outlines artistic?
I shall wear my scars
With supreme nonchalance,
Scars are intriguing.
With such bold words
I sought to stifle pain.

But here I am
Climbing this high hill
That I may be a little nearer the stars,
Reaching for a passing comet
With my eager hands
Which will be burned again.
My foolish head is full of song
The stars are freely giving,
Moonlight will tenderly cover my scars --
But then -- this is living!

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