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First Line: Among all men my home is: I have seen them
Last Line: All evil.
Subject(s): Home

AMONG all men my home is: I have seen them and there is no people, unto the
ends of the earth, with whom I will not dwell.

I give my body to the sea and to the dust—to be dashed on the rocks,
or to break in green spray in springtime over the fields and hedge-rows—or
to lie rotting in the desert for the sustenance of flies;
My soul, if it be so, to peregrinate all creature-kingdoms and every
condition of man—with equal joy the lowest;
But I to return, to remain, to turn again to my old home, to dwell—as
ever—where the prince of love once led me,
When he touched the walls of my hut with his finger from within, and
passing through like a fire delivered me with great unspeakable deliverance from
all evil.

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