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SAM TO JOHN, by            
First Line: Dear john, I am moved by the course of events
Last Line: It's this here, now, entente cordiale.
Subject(s): Friendship

Dear John, I am moved by the course of events
To write you a neighborly line,
Which I hope you won't think is at all a defence
Of a recent refusal of mine.
I know that you feel that I ought to come in
And sit in that Genoa game;
"There's Sam," you remark, "simply loaded with tin!
Why, the money he's got is a shame!"

Well, I'll have to admit there's some sting in that slap,
And I do feel at times rather blue,
To think that the job of re-vising the map,
Should be borne so exclusive by you.
But, John, as you know, this here Europe is not
What you might call a piece of my land,
And though its condition, of course, means a lot,
Still, I've got my own troubles on hand.

And when I observe how you shifted the buck
To Ireland, and what a hooray
They raised at the wonderful turn in their luck
And then, when I see 'em to-day! --
Though I know there ain't no sort of shadow of blame
On you, still, when such things I see,
Well, John, I'm plumb scared to come into your game.
Gosh! just think what you might hand to me!

But when you get through and the gang says goodnight
If you need any comfort at all,
Well, I guess you know where you can find it all right,
And you won't have to wait in the hall.
Our cellars have run sort of dry, I confess,
But we still have a glass for a pal.
And some wine that you'll find kind of tasty, I guess;
It's this here, now, Entente Cordiale.

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