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First Line: False one, farewell, thou hast releast
Last Line: Falsehood's a charm to love, or lust.
Subject(s): Unfaithfulness; Infidelity; Adultery; Inconstancy


FALSE One, farewell, thou hast releast
The fire, imprison'd in my breast,
Your beauties make not half the show
They did a year or two ago;
For now I find,
The beauties those fair walls enshrin'd,
Foul, and deform'd appear,
Ah! where
In woman is a spotless mind?


I would not now take up thine eyes,
But in revenge to tyrannize;
Nor should'st thou make me blot my skin
With the black thou wear'st within;
If thou would'st meet,
As brides do, in the nuptial sheet,
I would not kiss, nor play;
But say,
Thou nothing hast that can be sweet.


I was betray'd, by that fair sign,
To entertainment cold within;
But found that fine built fabric lin'd,
With so ill contriv'd a mind,
That now I must
For ever (Chloe) leave to trust
The face that so beguiles
With smiles;
Falsehood's a charm to love, or lust.

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