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First Line: Patrician overthrown
Last Line: Except the lyric seers.
Subject(s): Earth; Government; Injustice; Order; World

PATRICIAN overthrown,
What lyric powers oppose
The dogmas you intone!
You still would be of those
Who rule by "willing"? -- No.
Chaos within, I say,
Compels your star to glow
With fixed complacency.

When a bright star shall dance,
'Twill be from lowly fires
That sting your arrogance!
Among the patient choirs
Of Heaven, old Earth maintains
Her meaning. Dare to call
Her measure prose! Her strains
Are immemorial.

Earth gives you patronage.
Yes, you, who have surpassed
Her human heritage
Of wisdom, the meek past
Enshrouds and swaddles. Are
You free? The Master? -- Yes, --
Imperial, titular; --
But Earth you can't possess! --
-- Old Earth, -- old, constant Earth,
In whom is dancing thought
And song and endless birth
Of wonder -- Earth, so old,
Yet still so new with years
That none her sway shall hold
Except the lyric seers.

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