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THE FISHERMAN'S SONG, by            
First Line: Of all the world's enjoyments
Last Line: Then who, &c.
Subject(s): Fish & Fishing; Anglers

Of all the World's Enjoyments,
That ever valu'd were;
There's none of our Employments,
With Fishing can Compare:
Some Preach, some Write,
Some Swear, some Fight,
All Golden Lucre courting,
But Fishing still bears off the Bell;
For Profit or for Sporting.
Then who a Jolly Fisherman, a Fisherman will be?
His Throat must wet,
Just like his Net,
To keep out cold at Sea.

The Country Squire loves Running,
A Pack of well-mouth'd Hounds;
Another fancies Gunning
For wild Ducks in his Grounds:
This Hunts, that Fowls,
This Hawks, Dick Bowls,
No greater Pleasure wishing,
But Tom that tells what Sport excells,
Gives all the Praise to Fishing,
Then who, &c.

A good Westphalia Gammon,
Is counted dainty Fare;
But what is't to a Salmon,
Just taken from the Ware:
Wheat Ears and Quailes,
Cocks, Snipes, and Rayles;
Are priz'd while Season's lasting,
But all must stoop to Crawfish Soop,
Or I've no skill in tasting.
Then who, &c.

Keen Hunters always take too
Their prey with too much pains;
Nay often break a Neck too,
A Pennance for no Brains:
They Run, they Leap,
Now high, now deep,
Whilst he that Fishing chooses;
With ease may do't, nay more to boot,
May entertain the Muses.
Then who, &c.

And tho' some envious wranglers,
To jeer us will make bold;
And Laugh at Patient Anglers,
Who stand so long i' th' Cold:
They wait on Miss,
We wait on this,
And think it easier Labour;
And if you'd know, Fish profits too,
Consult our Holland Neighbour.
Then who, &c.

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