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THE MAN AND THE PARK, by            
First Line: Who can relate in simple verse
Last Line: The breathless beauties of the place.
Subject(s): Parks

Who can relate in simple verse
The many merits of the man?
'Twould take a volume to rehearse
His vision and his power to plan!
'Twas not alone in shop and mart
That he expressed his excellence,
Although he played a major part,
And won a place of prominence,
A fortune and a fair renown,
On busy avenues of trade.
He is a credit to his town,
And so deserves its accolade!
Marked by a broad benevolence,
He answered ev'ry just appeal
With prudence and with common sense
To leaven and to curb his zeal.
He made no claim as perfect knight
To drive the devil with his sword;
Perhaps he was not always right
In thought or deed or spoken word.
But, he has loved his fellow men,
And brought new beauty to the earth;
He made slow acres thrive again,
And gave to fallow fields rebirth.

These words are written in the sand,
While his are spelled in ageless trees;
In rugged curvatures of land,
Encircling azure inland seas.
Where streams and pleasant waterfalls
Commingle their melodious tones,
And carol all-day madrigals
To grassy banks, and mossy stones.
On winding paths where lovers stroll,
And beaches where the children play,
Is inspiration for the soul,
And recreation for the day.
To see his park and know it right,
In all the glory of its dream,
'Tis best to go at time of night,
When moon and stars are all agleam;
To bathe in glamor and to feel
Your spirit grow in strength and grace,
The while celestial sparks reveal
The breathless beauties of the place.

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