Poetry Explorer- Classic Contemporary Poetry, A PORTFOLIO OF SKETCHES: THE TWO CLOWNS, by PAUL FORT

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First Line: - synthetic clown-clown, hip hip, whirl!
Last Line: That he could not whirl a hurricane.
Subject(s): Clowns; Dancing & Dancers; Death; Epitaphs; Dead, The

-- Synthetic Clown-Clown, hip, hip, whirl!

-- Six pirouettes blue white, white blue, it is the Sky! six pirouettes blue
green, green blue, it is the Sea! six pirouettes green yellow, yellow green, it
is the Desert! six pirouettes gold yellow, yellow gold, it is the Sun!

-- Bravo, bravo, a little bravo, gentlemen. Analytic Clown-Clown, 'tis your
turn. Whirl!

-- So be it, gentlemen, let us resolve things into their elements. Follow me
well: Violet, two pirouettes, Indigo, three pirouettes, Blue, five pirouettes,
Green, two pirouettes, Yellow, three pirouettes, Orange, five pirouettes, Red,
ten pirouettes. Total: thirty pirouettes. Attention, gentlemen. Have a look at
Noah's rainbow. . . . Two three five, two three five ten, rrrrrrran!

-- Stop, Analytic, stop, enough I say! He is going to burst. . . . Good God! . .
. Ah!

Synthetic writhes and then, in the tan-bark of the ring, writes with a thumb
profound this sombre epitaph:

Here lies
this clown reputed sage
-- quite insane
and dead of rage
that he could not whirl a hurricane.

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