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PAUDEEN, by                    
First Line: What is it beyont that ye're watchin', paudeen
Last Line: "och! Afeared they'd come covetin' — grania magee!"
Subject(s): Death; Heaven; Sky; Dead, The; Paradise

"What is it beyont that ye're watchin', Paudeen,
An' thrushes a waitin' 'way down the boreen?"
"Jist the ribbons above av the rainbow ye see!
I'm wantin' to steal from a ribbon up there—
I'd tie it, I'm thinkin', aroun' yer goold hair,—
For God's bindin' is best, my wee Grania Magee!—

An' rosiest ribbons the angels e'er seen,
Ay, archin' aroun' to yer own Aughareen,
They'd be sparin' an' welcome for Grania machree
"But troth, an' they'd wonder our aimin' so high!"
"I'd tell them the goold was a wee bit av sky,
Och! afeared they'd come covetin' — Grania Magee!"

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