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First Line: I was asleep, and calmly slept
Last Line: The pale-as-marble maid.
Subject(s): Blood; Dreams; Love; Pain; Nightmares; Suffering; Misery

I WAS asleep, and calmly slept,
All pain and grief allay'd;
A wondrous vision o'er me crept,
There came a lovely maid.

As pale as marble was her face,
And, O, so passing fair!
Her eyes they swam with pearl-like grace,
And strangely waved her hair.

And softly, softly moved her foot
The pale-as-marble maid;
And on my heart herself she put,
The pale-as-marble maid.

How shook and throbb'd, half sad, half blest.
My heart, which hotly burn'd!
But neither shook nor throbb'd her breast,
Which into ice seem'd turn'd.

"It neither shakes nor throbs, my breast,
"And it is icy cold;
"And yet I know love's yearning blest,
"Love's mighty pow'r of old.

"No colour's on my lips and cheek,
"No blood my veins doth swell;
"But start not, thus to hear me speak,
"I love thee, love thee well!"

And wilder still embraced she me,
And I was sore afraid;
Then crow'd the cock, -- straight vanish d she
The pale-as-marble maid.

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