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LOST - A BOY, by            
First Line: I lost him - I, who should have been his friend and guide
Last Line: I lost him, -- I was his father.
Subject(s): Sons

I lost him, -- I, who should have been his friend and guide.
Through early years I led his eager feet;
But when he came to me with questions grave and deep,
With eyes that brooked not sham or sophistry,
I lost him -- I was his church.

I lost him, -- who was mine to love and rear.
A nurse girl salved his early woes and shamed his fears.
Time fled; an eager lad rushed home from school,
With some small triumph, ill concealed,
Or with a problem that called for sympathetic handling,
Or perchance it was a boy's appetite, seemingly insatiable,
And was greeted by a cold and empty house.
I lost him -- I was his mother.

I lost him, -- who should have been my pride and recompense for labor.
His eager questions and shy efforts at companionship,
His hidden hero worship small sons have for "Dad,"
Were met with sharp impatience, "Some other time, I'm busy."
One day I called to him for a son's companionship,
And lo, he was a stranger.
I lost him, -- I was his father.

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