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First Line: An original poem! Is that all you ask?
Last Line: For his is the god-given gift of heaven.
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An original poem! Is that all you ask?
Was it in irony you appointed this task?
Or did you think to me had been given
The purest and sweetest gift of Heaven?
Poetry is not an acquired art;
It's to have an understanding heart,
A heart that sees the beauty in all things,
That hears the songs that nature sings,
That feels the deepest feelings one can know
Of faith, love, hope, joy, and woe.
If with this gift of the Gods divine
One can the rhymer's art combine,
Songs will spring spontaneously to birth,
As pure water springs from the hard earth
And leaps down the hill with a bright flow,
Carrying life and gladness to fields below;
Or as flowers push up from dark ground
In fair beauty, sending fragrance around;
Or as the sweet, joyous, ringing notes
Come welling up from songbirds' throats,
Musical, liquid, sweet, and clear,
Telling the world glad summer is near.
Not always will they sing of joy and gladness,
Often it will be of pain and sadness;
For ever through the poets' strain
Is heard the cadence of mournful refrain,
As of falling tears, sobs, and sighs;
For in sadness the sweetest thought lies.
Merry words may be pleasing to the ears --
We remember those longest that move us to tears.
The rhymer may amuse and cause us to smile;
The poet will cheer in hours of deep trial
With love and sympathy kindly given;
For his is the God-given gift of Heaven.

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