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THE CHRIST OF GOD, by            
First Line: He came-the infant christ of god
Last Line: In wesleyan young people's journal
Subject(s): Jesus Christ

He came--the infant Christ of God:
They did not want Him; they received Him not,
Though angels sang His birth, and wise men
Came from far to bow before Him.

He lived--the loving Friend of man;
Some would not have Him; they believed Him not,
Though blind men's eyes were opened, and the dead
Were raised to life, and lived to praise Him.

He died--the Saviour of the world;
Few sorrowed for Him; for they missed Him not,
Though those who followed Him wept sore a-day,
And went about their missions as before.

He lives today--this Christ of Bethlehem;
Some will not have Him; yet to you He calls.
Though others fail to let Him in their hearts,
Be thou not one; but crown Him King!

He comes again!--the King of Kings divine;
Some look not for Him; yet He shall appear!
Reject Him not lest He reject thee then,
And bid thee from His glory to depart.

in Wesleyan Young People's Journal

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