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BROOKLYN, MY BROOKLYN, by            
First Line: Though other scenes might lure me far
Last Line: A place in which to die!
Subject(s): Bridges; Brooklyn Bridge

Though other scenes might lure me far
From happiness and home,
No peace would they procure me, far
Away across the foam.
To Brooklyn should I turn again
From fairest towns and shires,
And all my bosom burn again
To know her streets and spires!

I'd turn from Glory's very house --
And were it sacrilege?
To see the Fulton Ferry house,
Beside the Brooklyn Bridge;
To hear the passing roar above
Of elevated trains,
That thrill me as they soar above
Unnumbered marts and fanes.

I'd miss the books so pleasingly
Displayed on Fulton Street;
The other wares that teasingly
Remind of things to eat.
I'd weary for that restful place,
Where benches, warm and wide,
In Montague's most zestful place
Look down upon the tide.

'Tis there when spring was flowering,
I'd yearn to watch the bay,
And old Manhattan towering
Beyond the river's play;
'Tis there I'd light my pipe at eve,
And watch the sun go down,
For random thoughts are ripe at eve,
When dusk is on the town.

Oh, Brooklyn offers graciously
The gifts she has to give;
Her sons, who speak veraciously,
Say, "Here's the place to live!"
When Fate, no longer lenient,
Gives cause to sink and sigh,
There's hardly so convenient
A place in which to die!

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