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LONGING, by            
First Line: If I had the wings of the morning
Last Line: On that hilltop far away.
Subject(s): Longing

If I had the wings of the morning,
I would fly far away
To the top of some high mountain,
And there sit me down for a day.

I would watch the golden sunbeams
Breaking through clouds of gray,
Bringing light to the countryside,
Giving birth to a new day.

I would hark to the song of the sparrow,
The lark, the robin, the wren,
Singing their greetings to morning
Over and over again.

With the gleaming waters below me,
With the beautiful blue sky above,
I would list to the wind through the treetops
Whispering its message of love.

Far from the World's busy tumult
Strife and turmoil cease;
I would commune with Nature,
I would find rest and peace.

I would seek Truth and find it
On this hill so far away,
I would have time to be thankful for life,
I would find time to pray.

All the day long would I rest there
Free from toil and care,
Drinking in its beauty,
Breathing the glorious air.

Then night would drop her mantle,
The stars would come out to play,
The moon would ride high above me,
And moonbeams dance and be gay.

There's magic on a night like this,
And under its mystic spell
It would give me faith that somewhere
God lives and all is well.

As I winged my way homeward
Away from Nature's Shrine,
I would be taking with me
Something akin to divine.

Then I would thank my Maker
That I had been spared this day,
And that at last I'd found my soul
On that hilltop far away.

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