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A PRAYER FOR A BEGINNING REIGN, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: He who is order, beauty, power and glory
Last Line: Over a kingdom worthy, the world's wonder.
Alternate Author Name(s): Masefield, John Edward
Subject(s): Beauty; Coronations; Courts & Courtiers; Elizabeth Ii, Queen Of England; Prayer

HE who is Order, Beauty, Power and Glory,
HE, the All-Wise, who made the eterne abyss,
The Splendour, without Presence, without Story,
Maker and Arbiter of all that is,
HE set within Man's mind
All thought and image of a kingly kind;
In serving earthly Kingship we serve HIS.

Therefore, to THEE, All-Glorious, let us pray
For Her, THY Destined, consecrate today.

We, then, beseech THEE, Everlasting Power,
That This, THY dedicated Soul, may reign
In peace, in wisdom, for her mortal hour
In this beloved Land
So guide Her with THY ever-giving Hand
That She may re-establish standards shaken,
Set the enfettered spirit free again
With impulse green again in hearts forsaken,
With light to gladden as men reawaken
That they, after such winter-time, may flower.

Grant, KING OF KINGS, All-Merciful, All-Knowing,
That in Her reign Her people may advance
In all fair knowledges of starry sowing
In all arts that rejoice,
In beauty of sound of instrument and voice,
In colour and form that leave the soul befriended,
In ancient joy, our Land's inheritance,
In thought, the quest for guidance never-ended
For light of THINE to make our living splendid
In service to the Queen who guides our going.

We, as a people, have been split in sunder
By all a century of thoughtless greed.
What glory in that time has been kept under?
What stunted hopes allowed?
What miles of squalid city under cloud?
Let us forget all this as done for ever;
This is a season of the springing speed
Of all a People one in an endeavour
To make our Sovereign Lady Queen indeed
Over a Kingdom worthy, the World's wonder.

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