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MY BROTHER, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: My boyish days are nearly gone
Last Line: When shall I find its like again?
Subject(s): Brothers; Death; Half-brothers; Dead, The

My boyish days are nearly gone,
My breast is not unsullied now;
And worldly cares and woes will soon
Cut their deep furrows on my brow.

And life will take a darker hue
From ills my brother never knew:
And human passions o'er my soul
Now hold their dark and fell control:
And fear and envy, hate and rage,
Proclaim approaching manhood's age.

And I have made me bosom friends,
And loved and linked with my heart with others;
But who with mine his spirit blends
As mine was blended with my brothers?

When years of rapture glided by,
The spring of life's unclouded weather,
Our souls were knit; and thou and I,
My brother, grew in love together.
The chain is broke that bound us then
When shall I find its like again?

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