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LOVE IS STRONG AS [OR STRONGER THAN] DEATH, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: I have not sought thee, I have not found thee
Last Line: And clasp thee to me.'
Alternate Author Name(s): Alleyne, Ellen; Rossetti, Christina
Subject(s): Jesus Christ; Religion; Theology

I HAVE not sought Thee, I have not found Thee,
I have not thirsted for Thee:
And now cold billows of death surround me,
Buffeting billows of death astound me, --
Wilt Thou look upon, wilt Thou see
Thy perishing me?'

'Yea, I have sought thee, yea, I have found thee,
Yea, I have thirsted for thee,
Yea, long ago with love's bands I bound thee:
Now the Everlasting Arms surround thee, --
Through death's darkness I look and see
And clasp thee to Me.'

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