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GRANNY POE, by                    
First Line: Old granny poe wuzn't a-carin'
Last Line: So I left her not a-carin'.
Subject(s): Grandparents; Grandmothers; Grandfathers; Great Grandfathers; Great Grandmothers

Old Granny Poe wuzn't a-carin',
She sed so.

She wuz glad he wuz dead.
Her own son, too.

He wuzn't no man nohow.
He dun' lost his leg;

That wooden peg didn't help none.
It kept a-pesterin'.

He dun' giv' up wurk
'Cause he couldn't git about
So he jest set a-doin' nothin'.

No, she wuzn't a-carin'
She sed.

It didn't seem rite
Granny a-doin' what she dun',
So I went to set a spell.

She wuz a-singin' whin I got thar
But it listened sorter sad.

I knowed I oughter say somethin'
A-seein' he wuz tuck
But she stopped me a-for' I started.

Don't dasn't sound off yer mouth
She sed. I ain't agwine
Ter hev no cryin' in this house

And while I wuz a-standin'
Not a-knowin' what ter do

She took the corn pone
She wuz a-cookin'
And tossed it on the coals

And then jest stood
A-lookin' and a-lookin'
Without a-knowin' I wuz thar.

She didn't say nothin'
And I didn't say nothin'
So I left her not a-carin'.

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