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First Line: Those are the features, those the smiles
Last Line: And pity pour her healing tear.
Subject(s): Love - Marital; Paintings And Painters; Youth; Wedded Love; Marriage - Love

THOSE are the features, those the smiles,
That first engaged my virgin heart:
I feel the pencilled image true,
I feel the mimic power of art.

For ever on my soul engraved
His glowing cheek, his manly mien;
I need not thee, thou painted shade,
To tell me what my Love has been.

O dearer now, though bent with age,
Than in the pride of blooming youth!
I knew not then his constant heart,
I knew not then his matchless truth.

Full many a year, at random tossed,
The sport of many an adverse gale,
Together, hand in hand, we've strayed
O'er dreary hill, and lonely vale.

Hope only flattered to betray,
Her keenest shafts misfortune shot;
In spite of prudence, spite of care,
Dependence was our bitter lot.

Ill canst thou bear the sneer of wealth,
Averted looks, and rustic scorn;
For thou wert born to better hopes,
And brighter rose thy vernal morn.

Thy evening hours to want exposed,
I cannot, cannot bear to see:
Were but thy honest heart at ease,
I care not what becomes of me.

But though, my Love, the winds of woe
Beat cold upon thy silver hairs,
Thy Anna's bosom still is warm;
Affection still shall soothe thy cares.

And Conscience, with unclouded ray,
The cottage of our age will cheer;
Friendship will lift our humble latch,
And Pity pour her healing tear.

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