Poetry Explorer- Classic Contemporary Poetry, A CHANT ROYAL TO MIRACLES, by GRACE FRENCH SMITH

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First Line: Whoever buries truth has lost a wing
Last Line: Oh god, for power to see beyond the veil!
Subject(s): Religion; Theology

Whoever buries truth has lost a wing,
The mole that burrows earthward cannot see;
The harp with broken wires can never sing;
A prisoned soul is buried entity
Beneath the drifting sands of time-washed shore;
The blind can only hear the ocean roar,
They cannot see the sprays of jewels vie
With shells of jade and silver heaving high.
A blossom grown in dark is weak and pale
But painted fire when sunbeams glorify.
Oh God, for power to see beyond the veil!

Are falling petals merely littered spring?
An unseen wand of magic sets them free,
And rocks the humming bird on eerie swing.
What mighty power brought forth the redwood tree,
With life that breathes four thousand years and more?
The towering giants seem like fairy lore.
The jeweled bugs and lanterned firefly
Are carved by secret art we cannot spy.
The cosmic wonders march beyond our trail,
A universe too vast for human eye.
Oh God, for power to see beyond the veil!

A man is born and bred to wondering,
His very life but yields to magic key;
Who struck the spark of fire awakening?
Who carved his form -- divine facsimile?
Who crowned his mind with power to think -- explore
Along enchanting trails to death's closed door?
The gift of faith when human hope is shy,
The treasures of music, laughter and love imply
A God who woos us toward the holy grail --
Our hearts are stirred when He is passing by.
Oh God, for power to see beyond the veil!

A man and woman -- one -- to meet life's sting
And glory. Love is heaven's melody
Creating homes of joy where stars will cling
In spite of clouds, for love is God's decree --
Surrounded by love at home, the heart will soar,
Refrains of gladness lighten every chore.
From weary pain -- a mother's trembling sigh --
The peak of awe -- a baby's newborn cry!
Then life unfolds like magic fairy tale,
And hours are filled with elves all gay and spry.
Oh God, for power to see beyond the veil!

In homes of charm the human love will bring
A breath of God, that all may bend the knee
Before unselfish love, and heaven's King,
Before the sacrifice on Calvary!
Such spirit alters life, in root and core,
Forgiving love will wipe out every score,
And God remoulds a life gone all awry;
Then stalking fears will lose their way and die,
For lives at rest in God can face a gale,
For peace and joy like rainbows bridge the sky.
Oh God, for power to see beyond the veil!


Our Father, we know the telescope can try
To penetrate where startling marvels lie,
And yet not reach beyond all sight -- the braille
For blinded human hearts -- we wonder why --
Oh God, for power to see beyond the veil!

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