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A CHALLENGE, by            
First Line: Name me the fairest flower of earth
Last Line: I'll love and worship and adore.
Subject(s): Beauty

NAME me the fairest flower of earth,
The brightest bud of all,
That leaves of softest hue puts forth,
From which sweet perfumes fall,
And I will name a maiden fair
With whom that flower can not compare.

Bring me the purest, purest gem
That ocean's depths may hold,
Or decks a monarch's diadem,
Resplendent mid the gold;
But I will name an eye whose light
More perfect is in beauty bright.

Name me the fairest, fairest maid
E'er breathed of old our air;
Though soft her cheek and pure its shade,
And she as angel fair;
Yet I will name a maid who far
Surpasses her, as sun a star;

Whose beauteous form, whose tender eye,
Whose soft and loving heart,
Whose sweet and soothing witchery
Will ne'er from memory part;
And who forever, evermore,
I'll love and worship and adore.

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