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ELECTRA: DREAMS COME TRUE. CHORUS, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: If I am not a fool in prophecy
Last Line: Unless this dream comes true.
Subject(s): Dreams; Nightmares

IF I am not a fool in prophecy
And destitute of wisdom utterly,
Justice by this dream reveals her purpose.
Justice comes, with victory
For the good cause, hunting the evil down,
Very soon, my child:
Yea, I am well assur'd;
Breathing a spirit of joy from the tale of a dream.
The lord of Greece, thy father,
Hath not forgotten.
Nor hath that brazen two-edg'd axe forgotten
Through all the waste of years,
Which slew him shamefully
Yea, with the clash of many swords, the noise
Of many trampling feet, forth from the lair
Vengeance, brazen-footed Fury, ambush'd
Now in darkness, cometh soon
To the light -- Sin tainted the bridal bed
Of the twain that slew.
Therefore my soul knows well,
Sure is the presage of evil, the sign of the doom;
It cannot, may not fail us.
They needs must suffer,
Or else there is no truth in mortal dreaming,
And vain is prophecy,
Unless this dream comes true.

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