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First Line: Fair ye be sure, but cruel and unkind
Last Line: Whom ye doe wreck, doe ruine, and destroy.
Alternate Author Name(s): Clout, Colin
Subject(s): Beauty

Fayre ye be sure, but cruell and unkind,
As is a tygre, that with greedinesse
Hunts after bloud, when he by chance doth find
A feeble beast, doth felly him oppresse.
Fayre be ye sure, but proud and pittilesse,
As is a storme, that all things doth prostrate,
Finding a tree alone all comfortlesse,
Beats on it strongly, it to ruinate.
Fayre be ye sure, but hard and obstinate,
As is a rocke amidst the raging floods,
Gaynst which a ship, of succour desolate,
Doth suffer wreck both of her selfe and goods.
That ship, that tree, and that same beast am I,
Whom ye doe wreck, doe ruine, and destroy.

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