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THE NATURALIST ON A JUNE SUNDAY, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: My old gardener leans on his hoe
Last Line: "amen!"" says he."
Subject(s): June; Nature - Religious Aspects

My old gardener leans on his hoe,
Tells me the way that green things grow;
"Goin' to church? Why, no.
All nature's church enough for me!"
Says he.

"Preachin' o' flower and choir o' bird,
An' the wind passin' the plate --
Sweetest service that ever I heard,
That's straight!
Eternal Rest?
What for, friend?
Gimme a swarm o' bees to tend,
A honey-makin', world without end,
That's what I'd like the best!
(Scoop 'em right up an' find the queen,
They'd not sting me -- the bees ain't mean!)
"Heaven's all right!
But still I guess I'll kinder miss
The Lady Lunar moth at night
And the White Wanderer butterfly
Crawlin' out of its chrysalis!
I want my heaven human too,
'Twixt me an' you --
Why, I'd jus' love to see
A chipmunk hop up to the Lord
An' eat right out o' His dread Hand
Same as it does to me!
Eternity -- eternity --
Don't it sound grand?
But say,
What's the matter with today?
Just step into the wood an' take a look!
Ain't that a page o' teachin' from the Holy Book?
'He that hath eyes to see
An' ears to hear' --
That's good enough for me!
I guess God's pretty near,
He'll understand, I know,
Why I ain't in no hurry to let June go!"

My old gardener turns to his hoe,
Helping the green things how to grow,
"The Misses can go to church for me!
Amen!" says he.

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