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THE LULLABY OF DANAE, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Little one, thy mother's weeping
Last Line: Rest thee, rest thee, little one!
Subject(s): Danae; Mothers; Mythology - Classical

Little one, thy mother's weeping;
Thou with fresh and holy heart
Slumbering on the ocean art;--
While I sorrow, thou art sleeping,
Though the pallor and the gloom
Our forlor, frail bark entomb.
Rest thee, rest thee, little one!

Ah! thou needest not a pillow
With those tresses thick and fair!
Ah! thou heedest not a billow
Moistening thy tangled hair,
Nor the voices of the storm,
But in thy purple mantlet liest warm,
My beautiful, my own!
Rest thee, rest thee, pretty one!

Yet if pain were pain to thee,
If thou knewest how to fear,
And didst lend thy little ear,
I would say again to thee:
Rest thee, rest thee, darling one!

I would bid thee baby, sleep;
And be thou hushed, O restless deep!
Thou, too, my boundless sorrow!
Father, let some fairer morrow
Change for us thy sovran will,
Bring us good beyond this ill!
When I make too bold a prayer,
Thy vengeance on the babe forbear,
Let my head receive it still!
Rest thee, rest thee, little one!

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