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CAPRICE, by            
First Line: My lady fleecer
Last Line: "and hold high carnival."
Subject(s): Montana; Mountains; Hills; Downs (great Britain)

(Note: Fleecer is a mountain southwest of Butte, Montana)

My lady Fleecer,
Capricious daughter of the Rockies,
Towering above her sister majesties,
Bestirs herself beneath soft coverings,
Blankets of feathery clouds,
And, if she wills the day be fair,
She greets the day with smiles,
But, if her mood be proud or cold,
Deep down she hides her head,
And bids the Northwind, ruthless, wild,
Bind tighter all her coverlets,
And closer to her bed.
The valley dwellers shake their heads.
"Ah, me!" they cry, "O traveller, beware!
And do not venture upon your way, --
Too well we know our lady's whims,
That twist and turn and play a havoc strange,
A short-lived blizzard or a stumbling horse,
And white bones bleach on wind-swept flats,
Where coyotes slink and halt
And hold high carnival."

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