Poetry Explorer- Classic Contemporary Poetry, UNSEEING EYES, by GERTRUDE S. STINSON

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UNSEEING EYES, by            
First Line: A bluebird sings his heart out ...
Last Line: Her life's obsession ... Is material things.
Subject(s): Birds

A blue-bird sings his heart out at her window --
She doesn't hear him as she scours the pane,
Great drifting clouds are gathering in the heavens --
She only thinks, perhaps it's going to rain.

She scrubs the porch with concentrated vigor,
White and smooth it gleams, beneath her work-worn hands;
Some children pass her gate with quiet swiftness,
Their laughter hushed ... she never understands.

A butterfly rests on a vine beside her,
Lifting and lowering dusty golden wings --
But she is all unconscious of its beauty ...
Her life's obsession ... is material things.

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