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First Line: I've followed fortune's footsteps far, o'er many a sunny strand
Last Line: I turn away -- I've seen enough -- and leave the dear old place.
Alternate Author Name(s): Uncle Peter
Subject(s): Aging; Home

I'VE followed Fortune's footsteps far, o'er many a sunny strand,
But Fate allured me o'er the wave back to my native land;
Back from the wildwood's eerie shade, across the trackless foam --
Back to the sweetest spot I've seen, my childhood's happy home.

Once more I see the dear old cot, half-hid by woodbine leaves,
While up the tott'ring, roofless porch, the faithful ivy weaves.
A gloomy stillness hangs around, where all was once so gay;
My presence e'en disturbs the calm -- grim ruin here holds sway!

The trickling stream is winding still near by the cottage door,
But gone the little rustic bridge I cross'd in days of yore;
The wild rose and the tassl'd broom hang o'er its crystal tide,
While underneath their friendly shade the troutlets coyly hide.

Night's silv'ry lamp hangs in the blue behind yon far off hill, [rill.
While softly steals the gloaming grey o'er moorland, stream, and
Oh! guiding star of promises, oh! whispers soft and low,
Where are the hopes you gave to me in twilights long ago?

I ope the shatter'd garden gate, pass through with hurried feet,
And touch a little mound near by, once mother's favourite seat.
My fondest wish is thus fulfill'd; though tears steal down my face,
I turn away -- I've seen enough -- and leave the dear old place.

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