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FOOD, by            
First Line: When all is written and sung
Last Line: It is only love that is bread!
Subject(s): Worship

When all is written and sung,
When all is sung and said,
It isn't the rich alone who feast,
Nor the poor who cry for bread.

Colin marries a maid,
And he gives her a ribbon of keys;
But if his fancy roams at large,
What can she do with these?

Marian knows the trick
Of making a pastry sweet;
But if she serve it with bitter words,
What has her lord to eat?

The babe like a rose-leaf lies,
Swaddled and nursed with care;
Mother, the man in him starves and dies,
If you teach not his lips a prayer!

Hunger will make no terms
With pauper or plutocrat;
Want besieges the godless gate,
And life is a proof of that.

When all is written and sung,
When all is sung or said,
It is only God who is really food,
It is only Love that is bread!

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