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First Line: God made man upright at the first
Last Line: The earth being in the middle found.
Subject(s): Adam & Eve; Bible


God made man upright at the first;
Man made himself by sin accurst:
Sin is a deviation from the way
Of God: 'tis that wherein a man doth stray
From the first path wherein he was to walk,
From the first truth he was to talk.


His talk was to be all of praise,
Thanksgiving, rapture, holy days;
For nothing else did with his state agree:
Being full of wonder and felicity,
He was in thankful sort to meditate
Upon the throne in which he state.


No gold, nor trade, nor silver there,
Nor clothes, nor coin, nor houses were,
No gaudy coaches, feasts, or palaces,
Nor vain inventions newly made to please;
But native truth, and virgin-purity,
An uncorrupt simplicity.


His faithful heart, his hands, and eyes
He lifted up unto the skies;
The earth he wondering kneel'd upon; the air,
He was surrounded with; the trees, the fair
And fruitful fields, his needful treasures were;
And nothing else he wanted there.


The world itself was his next theme,
Whereof himself was made supreme:
He had an angel's eye to see the price
Of every creature; that made Paradise.
He had a tongue, yea more, a cherub's sense
To feel its worth and excellence.


Encompass'd with the fruits of love,
He crowned was with Heaven above,
Supported with the footstool of God's throne,
A globe more rich than gold or precious stone,
The fertile ground of pleasure and delight,
Encircled in a sphere of light.


The sense of what he did possess
Fill'd him with joy and thankfulness;
He was transported even here on earth,
As if he then in Heaven had his birth:
The truth is, Heaven did the man surround,
The earth being in the middle found.

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