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KILLARY, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: When all her brothers in the house
Last Line: "we shall meet no more by killary!"
Subject(s): Love; Ireland

When all her brothers in the house
Were lying asleep, my love
Ran before me under the bend of boughs,
Till we looked down from above
On the long loch,
On the brown loch,
On the lone loch of Killary.

Together we ran down the copse
And stood in the rain as close
As the birds that sleep in the soft tops
Of the tree that comes and goes,
When the morn moon,
When the young moon,
When the morn moon is on Killary!

In tremblings of the water chill
Swans we saw preen their coat,
Biting their plumes, with stoop'd bill
And quivering neck, afloat
On the brown shade,
On the deep shade,
The shade of hills on Killary.

"Why pale, my beloved, now
When the first light 'gins to beat?
No sun of autumn is rich as thou,
And honey after thy feet
Shall rise from the grass,
From the wet of the grass,
The brow of the grass over Killary!"

"My grief it is only that thou and I
Must part, like swans of the flood
That rise up sorrowful into the sky;
For one goes over the wood,
And one oversea,
And one oversea,
And one oversea from Killary! . .

"Ah, the little raindrops that hang on the bough,
Together they may run,
But never again shall I and thou
Meet here in the morning sun . . .
We shall meet no more,
We must kiss no more,
We shall meet no more by Killary!"

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