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A BIRTHDAY, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: The summer tide has brought my natal hour
Last Line: Scarce disentwined by keen philosophy!
Subject(s): Birthdays

The summer tide has brought my natal hour:
Comes it to usher days of bliss or bane?
To set a seal on grief? or to empower
With tenfold strength the tyranny of pain?
Oh! might we summon back by charm of art,
Those days of bloodless food and placid sleep,
Which crept, exhaling from the mother's heart,
So holy, dreamless, innocent, and deep!
We leave the womb to slumber on the breast,
We leave the breast to climb upon the knee,
Soon beckoned off by dolour and unrest,
Till our first sympathies are hard to see,
Which passion's heavy overgrowths invest,
Scarce disentwined by keen Philosophy!

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