Poetry Explorer- Classic Contemporary Poetry, IN MEMORIAM, REV. HENRY E. WARREN, by CHARLES LOUIS HENRY WAGNER

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First Line: The kindest man
Last Line: The man whose heart was kind.
Subject(s): Good Samaritan; Kindness

The kindest man;
Some thoughts transcend our studied themes,
The pen I hold can ill express
The measure of his nobleness,
For like an angel in my dreams
He comes—the man whose heart was kind.

The kindest man;
O, friends, if I could only tell
The kindly things that marked and showed
The soul of him whose radiance glowed
And cheered beyond a parallel
Save Christ:—You'd see the Christ behind!

The kindest man;
I saw the holy balm of Love
Which he, the ministrant, gave all.
I heard the words that broke the thrall
Of sin, and taught of God above
To men:—In him, I saw God's mind.

The kindest man;
Beneath his bounds of fleshly dress
A quiet conscience peaceful lay,
Unshrinking from the light of day.
His hope of Everlastingness
Was real, and from on High divined.

The kindest man;
He smote the rock that stemmed the stream
From founts of Love;—he held the cup
And gave a measure or a sup
To those who asked for Life supreme
And Hope. No soul he e'er declined.

The kindest man;
Death is a jewel in the crown
Of him whose form returns to dust.
Its beauteous gleam reflects the just
And holy life. Though dark comes down
On us,—still shines its light inshrined.

The kindest man;
O Grave, where is thy sting?
O Death, thy victory is naught!
He lives forever in our thought.
We pluck the blooms of gardening
He did, and all of them remind
Of him:—the kindest man.
The man whose heart was kind.

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